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A Proven, Innovative Approach

Since launching almost two decades ago, Sare Electric has become one of the top electrical contractors in Western Washington. Sare has seen steady growth in recent years, and has developed a strong reputation for customer service, communication, leadership, safety, and the ability to finish projects on time and on budget. Sare performs all electrical scopes of work, from primary power to low voltage systems We specialize in the following electrical services:

BIM/3D Modeling

Our dedication to BIM technologies has brought a new level of detail and performance to our operations. Our approach to successful BIM/VDC modeling begins with effective communication. Our team works together with all parties to provide design detailing, coordination, constructability and prefabrication planning while actively working to resolve conflicts and coordinating with HVAC, structural steel, sprinkler system, and plumbing trades.

Construction Estimates

Our knowledge of the modern facility and all of its specialty systems is the key to our ability to quickly provide accurate electrical cost estimates and budgets. We have an extensive record of providing detailed and accurate pre-bid and preconstruction estimates. We use sophisticated software and an extensive database of successfully completed work to track real-time project costs and forecast project budgets.


We work closely with clients to create budgets for design-build projects that deliver on the owner’s goals for the project. We can assist with electrical design from beginning to end. We have proven experience collaborating with owners and general contractors to aid EC/CM design and constructability, as well as assisting general contractors, owners, electrical engineers, and architects with complex scheduling, phasing logistics, budgets, temporary power layout, as well as general planning for electrical pre-construction.

Hard Bid

Sare Electric has developed a strong reputation for reliable, quality performance and on-time schedule completion of hard bid projects. We take pride in our ability to provide excellent communication, customer service, and superior craftsmanship in all aspects of a project.


We are adept at prefabrication and the utilization of union labor in a controlled environment to maximize production. Our dedication to BIM/VDC modeling allows us to create exacting shop drawings, making it possible for prefabrication assemblies to be accurately detailed down to the last wirenut. This ensures very limited waste, increases productivity on the projects, and reduces construction costs.

Quality Control

On any given project, each member of our team takes responsibility for our Quality Control Program. This starts in pre-construction when the project team identifies potential problem areas. We develop and implement a specific QC plan to ensure our project comes in on-time and on-budget. The plan includes the thorough review of installation to ensure it is within strict compliance of the contract and commissioning documents.

Value Engineering

Our experienced team takes leadership in value engineering and with a proactive approach geared for project success. Once design is complete and Sare has a detailed take-off, our team will review all documents for constructability and evaluate the line item/system/commodity to assess opportunities for VE. It is our responsibility to provide transparent cost options with detailed product/service descriptions and explanations so the design team can make informed decisions. We will help the design team explore a variety of options for life cycle cost, durability, and maintenance.

Key factors to reaching project goals

  • A comprehensive approach informed by decades of experience
  • A robust quality control program throughout the project, including a dedicated QA/QC Manager
  • Expert subcontractor management in collaboration with project partners
  • Maximizing value during design and preconstruction
  • Accurate cost estimating and cost tracking
  • Constructability and value engineering
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