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In This Together

Since its inception in 2000, Sare Electric has become one of the premier electrical contractors serving Western Washington. We strive to build a company and an environment that fosters greatness—a place where talented individuals are empowered to put in their best work, and to make their communities a better place.

We’re interested in providing the best value for our clients, and in achieving the impossible by any means necessary We believe that by employing the best people, we are able to provide our customers with the best jobs.

How we serve our mission:

  • An unwavering belief that the key to top quality production is the people in the field.
  • Providing our people in the field should have the best tools, materials, and training available.
  • A commitment that all projects will be top-quality, cost-efficient and driven by customer needs.

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

We work every day to build a company and a culture that we love—and to make Sare Electric a place that we can all be proud to work for.

At top, we prioritize safety. This is something that is valued in our industry higher than anything else. There is no reason to come to work if we can’t go home to enjoy our lives afterword.

Next, we focus on purpose, and working together to accomplish our goals. In order to do this, we need great colleagues. Amazing people and team members are not just happy to have a job, they strive to excel and want to be different.

Our Guiding Principals:

  • We will obsess over our customers, not our competitors.
  • We are radically transparent. We speak the truth and face the facts to build trust.
  • We are honest. We do the right thing.
  • We believe in work + life, not work vs. life.
  • We are unafraid to be daring, to try new things, and to learn from both our mistakes and our successes.
  • We are a perpetual work in progress. We are never done learning. We are never done improving.

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Sare Electric Inc.

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